October 20th – NIGHT OF SURPRISE 2017 presented by Reconstructing Song & Cologne Sessions & Sounds Wrong, Feels Right

Festival for experimental music.
More than 20 artists. 4 Floors. Free entry.


▩ 7000 Eichen (Köln) ▩ Butcher/Lehn/Shipp (London, Wien, NYC) ▩ Dedekind Cut (NON, New York City) ▩ Elysia Crampton (USA) ▩ ER &WE (Baustelle Kalk, Köln) ▩ Farai (NON, NTS, London) ▩ Ganzfeld | Audio Spatialization (Berlin) ▩ Going (Brussels) ▩ Mustafa Said (Cairo, Beirut) ▩ MK Braun & DJ Money (Cologne Sessions, Köln) ▩ Pablo Giw & Kelvin Kilonzo (Köln) ▩ Philm (Berlin) ▩ Rabih Beaini (Morphine, Berlin, Beirut) ▩ Reggie Wilson | Performance (New York City) ▩ Sidsel Endersen & Stian Westerhus (Oslo) ▩ Sote (Opal Tapes, Tehran) ▩ UMMN (Köln) ▩ Weiße Wände feat. Christian Lillinger | Tagtool Visuals (Wien)

20 Oct 2017, Stadtgarten All Areas, Cologne
Start 7pm // Free Entry all night long // Open End

An adventure in Afrodiasporic Postpunk, Iranian Leftfield Techno, Contemporary Modern Jazz, Psychedelic Kraut Improv, Avantgarde Electronics, Contemporary Arabic Music, Comicbook Song, Epic Collage, Frontier Ambient and Guerilla Spatialization. More than 20 artists, bands and djs present a mind-boggling variety of fringe music at Cologne´s premier jazz and experimental music venue.

Presented by Reconstructing Song & Cologne Sessions & Sounds Wrong, Feels Right
Supported by WIRE Magazine & StadtRevue
Artwork by Alexander Papoli-Barawati